Reconstruction Commission for the Haitian National Palace

TDue to feedback received, the deadline for submission regarding the Expression of Interest (EOI) has been extended. Read More

 Reconstruction Commission for the Haitian National Palace

The Expression of Interest (EOI) to kick off the Haitian National Palace Reconstruction Design Competition has been released. Read More

Embassy of the Republic of Haiti

The Haiti Future Leaders Fellowship Program is a cross-cultural, educational initiative designed to meet two main objectives. Read More

Produced by Azania Rizing, Not in My Neighbourhood is a 72-minute documentary film that looks at how urban planning and urbanization are often born of racism and lead to gentrification and displacement. Read More


When I have children, I’m buying them Legos, buying the SIMS game for them and I will do city tours with them. That’s it, no question about it. Read More

Next City

Next City has been hosting its annual Vanguard conference for five years and never before have we seen such a quantity of terrific candidates. Read More

The Haitian Times

On Mar. 21, the Haitian Roundatable presented its third edition of the 1804 List “to recognize those who have demonstrated outstanding acts of service, innovators within their profession, and the rising… Read More

The Root

Urban planner Vanessa Leon writes in Urban Times that the decision of the Haitian government to demolish the National Palace, which was destroyed in the country’s 2010 earthquake — with Sean Penn’s charity volunteering to do the work… Read More

American Planning Association

As technology brings people closer, expands the realm of the possible, and engages citizens more profoundly, major planning issues like climate change, sustainability, health, and social equity continue to intersect. Read More

Newd Magazine

What if you had to walk 5 miles in 90 degree weather to fetch water for your family three times a day? And what if because of this task, you had no time to attend school like other children in neighborhoods with a nearby supply of clean water? Read More

National Association of Haitian Professionals

As a Haitian-American urban planner, I have been primarily focused on land use development and management in developing countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean since the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Read More

OKC Central

I’ll admit my one-time hostility to social media continues to fade as I stumble upon the more practical aspects of the medium. Consider the following quote by Vanessa Leon, a Haitian-American urban planner, that appeared in my Twitter feed by local retail consultant Allison Bailey: Read More