About Pinchina

Pinchina Consulting was born in response to the dire urban planning needs of vulnerable communities, made apparent in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Today, Pinchina remains committed to delivering culturally relevant and locally appropriate planning and policy-based solutions to evolving communities, government entities and other stakeholders throughout various stages of development.

Our Plan

Pinchina endeavors to be a leading consultant to local and national governments, community stakeholders and international organizations working at the intersection of development planning, citizen participation, and local governance. As a result, communities will be better equipped to guide the holistic development of their enclaves – and essentially their future – by way of our unique service offerings.

Our Offerings

Urban Planning

Making healthy connections between people, institutions and place so that communities are better planned for.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Managing processes, relationships, timelines and more in order to achieve informed and collaborative outcomes.

Policy-based Research Support

Contributing cutting-edge policy solutions that positively impact the wellbeing of communities.